Implementation of innovative technologies

In terms of technologies and process, we will produce DRI/HBI through hydrogen reduction. The hydrogen required for this process will be produced on-site using close to 700MW electrolysers. The DRI/HBI can be utilized in different production processes, such electric arc furnaces or even blast furnaces, enabling the decarbonization of steel and its end-markets (transport, construction, renewable energies…).

An innovative business model

Our business model is what makes us unique. Our approach of separating iron from steel production, results in flexible and optimized production at each stage. This innovative approach helps reduce CO₂ emissions to nearly zero by utilizing low carbon and renewable H₂.

Steel producers will greatly benefit from this new strategy. It eliminates the need for complex equipment transformation, improve economics and allows them to focus on their core business: steel production and product development.

With the separation of iron production, we can further accelerate the decarbonization efforts of steelmakers. Enabling them to pursue more competitive, flexible, and profitable operations.